Apple’s new iPhone names are bad, so it’s hard to see where it goes from here


This yr, Apple reached the top of its iPhone X (learn: ten) names. Subsequent yr stays a thriller. Apple has gone via all of the numbers from one via ten, skipping two and 9 for its personal causes. Now, for higher or worse, subsequent yr, it’ll probably want to determine a new naming scheme.

Apple hastened its approach towards a dead finish final yr when it determined to swap to Roman numerals quite than persevering with with numbers as it had carried out prior to now. A report from Bloomberg on the finish of August indicated that the folks behind the names struggled to provide you with names that will work. Since this yr’s iPhones didn’t actually change many issues past final yr’s, they didn’t appear compelling sufficient to grant a complete new identify. The most cost effective iPhone can be larger than the midrange possibility, so Apple namers had to take that into consideration, too and intention for a reputation that wouldn’t confuse shoppers.

The ultimate outcomes nonetheless appear… sort of unhealthy. For some motive, Apple went with an iPhone XS Max, as a substitute of simply going for an iPhone XS and an iPhone Max. The excellence is obvious: Apple wished to ship a message that the 2 telephones are associated ultimately. However to the typical particular person, the iPhone XS Max simply feels like a fairly unhealthy identify. Why didn’t they go together with iPhone XS and XL? That simply makes logical sense, and since we’re used to seeing these letters characterize sizes, it’s not as unfamiliar and troublesome to say as XR and XS Max and XS. Attempt saying that 5 occasions quick.

That is the primary yr that Apple has added letters to a letter and wished us to pronounce considered one of them as a quantity and the opposite as a letter. It’s very very similar to 1984 — the novel, not Apple’s notorious Tremendous Bowl advert — where Huge Brother tortures Winston Smith to consider that two plus two equals 5 and to clearly overlook they equal 4. Apple needs us to learn X as “ten,” when the logical factor to do is to learn it because the letter “X.” And so it’s the Ten R, the Ten S, and the Ten S Max, which sound loads higher than the way you’d truly learn them, as alphabet soup.

Setting apart this yr’s naming horrors, Apple just about has a clear slate for subsequent yr. It might maintain counting endlessly or drop numbers utterly. Now that we’ve arrived at 10, where does Apple go from here? Here’s a listing of potentialities and causes behind them:

iPhone Eleven

That is clearly the logical and simple alternative. And but, if Apple goes down this path, that’s numerous numbers. No telephone firm is sitting on the market with a smartphone 34 or a 57. It simply doesn’t really feel sustainable within the long-run.

Apple Cellphone

Going again to a clear and easy identify would possibly truly bode properly for Apple. Earlier than the iMacs and the iPads, Apple’s naming conference was simply to stick its identify at the beginning. So whereas this identify appears foolish at first, it might very properly be attainable.

iPhone XX

Following the identical sample where Apple skipped 2 and 9 in its telephone lineup and simply headed towards the flashier numbers, what if Apple simply skipped all the way in which to twenty?

iPhone XC

There has solely been one ‘C’ branded iPhone earlier than, and that’s the iPhone 5C in 2013, which had disappointing however not horrible gross sales throughout its run. Folks like low cost iPhones, and perhaps Apple has actually reached its max value level this time, so it’s time to stroll it again with a really finances model of the iPhone X subsequent yr. Nonetheless, it appears unlikely that Apple would have a 3rd yr of iPhone X-related names, although.

iPhone ii

Take into consideration it. There by no means was an iPhone 2 and Apple began the lowercase i development approach earlier than it was cool. What about… three lowercase i’s in a reputation? Madness. The ii will be interpreted as an 11 or as a 2, consistent with the sample of constructing us learn letters as numbers.

iPhone Y and iPhone Z

Why not, if we’re simply ending off the alphabet here? Pokémon taught us the final three letters of the alphabet are fairly cool collectively.

Photograph by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

iPhone Panther

Apple might take a cue from its OS X naming schemes and begin naming iPhones after massive jungle cats, nationwide parks, or deserts. The iPhone Panther has a fantastic ring to it, however it’s simply an instance. If Apple goes down this route, it would have an unlimited database of names to pull from.

iPhone Professional and iPhone Air

Equally, what if Apple takes a cue from how it names its Macbooks and simply begins tacking on a phrase on the finish? Simplistic, clear, and none of that XS Max nonsense.

No extra names

Simply record the yr and the display dimension, as Apple does with its newest iPads and Macbooks. The new iPhones will probably be referred to as the 2019 6.8-inch iPhone and the 2019 6.5-inch iPhone, and we’ll go from there. It’s simple and saves power spent naming and worrying about naming for different necessary duties.



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