British tourist BACKLASH: Spanish locals WARN holidaymakers – ‘TOURISTS GO AWAY!’

British tourist BACKLASH: Spanish locals WARN holidaymakers - ‘TOURISTS GO AWAY!’

Shocked holidaymakers in Granada have been targeted by locals who have painted graffiti in key locations across the resort. The messages written in English appears to be aimed at Britons and instruct them to back their bags and “go away” The graffiti has been pictured on walls in Albaicin region, with the words “tourist go away!”

Other instances include “Granada is not a postcard” and “flamenco is not a show!” written in Spanish.

A spokesman for the neighbourhood association Bajo Albaicin has said the number of instances has increased in several weeks.

The association has slammed those involved stating the culprits have made things worse.

It said: “If you want to defend Albaicin, you cannot do anything worse than spray graffiti.”

A US tourist in the region has also condemned those involved in the anti-tourist slurs.

He told Spanish media: “It is a shame the city is being spoiled like this. We came here 30 years ago and it has changed a lot, but it is still beautiful.”

It is estimated over 27,000 visitors come to Granada every day.

Granada is located 420 Km (260 miles) south of the Spanish capital of Madrid.

International tourism accounts for around 11 percent of Spain’s €1 trillion economy, and the sector is the country’s biggest employer, Reuters reports.

British tourists are the biggest group, accounting for nearly a quarter of all visitors in 2018.

According to local reports one suspect has been identified from CCTV in connection with the graffiti in Granada, however no arrests have been made.

The investigation is ongoing.