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Convoto allows you to convert models and currencies in a means that could be very straightforward and quick. There are various unit and foreign money converters however you don’t actually get pleasure from utilizing them. That is principally due to intrusive advertisements, buttons, kind fields and advanced designs. Convoto, alternatively, could be very intuitive, light-weight and colourful conversion calculator.

Moreover, college students, enterprise folks, travellers, cooks, and extra genuinely admire Convoto’s person-pleasant design and performance.


• One common obtain for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPod Contact, iPad, and iPad mini
• Scroll and faucet person expertise
• Nice readability for all ages
• Enjoyable, quick and straightforward to make use of
• Intuitive and colourful interface
• Actual time conversions in a single display screen
• Automated foreign money updates
• Absolutely purposeful with out the Web
• Basic shade theme on/off
• Shortly search models by code or unit title
• Attractive and sensible calculator
• Favourite models for straightforward entry

Unit and Currency Conversion Classes Convoto can deal with

• Acceleration (m/s2, Gal, g, in/s2, km/s2, mi/s2)
• Angle (°, g, rad, flip)
• Space (mm2, m2, cm2, km2, mile2, yd2, in2, ft2, acre, a, ha, dm2, dam2, hm2, µm2)
• Clothes (Youngsters, ladies and males)
• Cooking (Full checklist of models for cooks and anybody who makes use of on-line recipes)
• Currency (168 currencies with computerized updates)
• Information (B, KB, MB, GB, TB, KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB, bit, Kbit, Mbit, Gbit)
• Information Switch Velocity (b/s, B/s, B/min, B/hr, kb/s, kB/s, kB/min, kB/hr, Mb/s, MB/s, MB/min, MB/hr, Gb/s, GB/s, GB/min, GB/hr, Tb/s, TB/s, TB/min, TB/hr)
• Density (gr/cm3, kg/m3, gr/l, ouncesgal (U.S.), ouncesgal (U.Okay.), lb/ft3)
• Power (C, J, kC, kWh, BTU, ert, kJ)
• Circulation Charge (l/s, l/min, l/hr, m3/s, m3/min, m3/hr, ft3/s, ft3/min, ft3/hr, gal/s, gal/min, gal/hr)
• Power (N, dyn, pld, kp)
• Frequency (Hz, Khz, Mhz, Ghz, rpm, rps, rad/min, rad/s)
• Gasoline (l/100km, l/100mil, gal/100mil (U.S.), gal/100mil (U.Okay.)
• Illuminance (lx, lm/cm2, lm/m2, mcd, ph, nx)
• Size (cm, m, mm, km, ft, mile, inch, yd, dm, cbl, nmi, ftm (U.S)
• Metric Prefixes (y, z, a, f, p, n, (µ, mc), m, c, d, da, h, ok, M, G, T, P, E, Z, Y)
• Energy (HP, W, kW, BTU/hr, BTU/s, CAL/s, kCAL/s)
• Strain (b, psf, psi, Pa, torr, atm, ftH2O)
• Radioactivity (mrem, rem, mSv, µSv, Sv)
• Temperature (C, F, Okay)
• Time (hr, d, wk, m, yr, ns, µs, s, min)
• Torque (Nm, Ncm, Nmm, kNm, dynm)
• Typography (pt, Px(72), Px(96), Px(150), Px(3000), mm, cm, in, twip)
• Velocity (km/hr, m/s, mile/hr, ft/s, kn, C, ma)
• Quantity (ml, l, mm3, cm3, m3, ft3, cu in, cu yd, gal (U.S.), gal (U.Okay.), qt, pt, cup, fl oz, tbsp, tsp)
• Weight (kg, gm, lb, oz, mg, st, t, stone, LT, mcg)

Be aware: Currency trade charges are up to date when on-line and saved for off-line use.

We’d love to listen to from you about Convoto. You probably have any considerations, suggestions, or questions e mail us at or join with us on Twitter: @ConvotoApp



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