Egypt weather forecast: UNSEASONABLE warm air brings ‘DANGEROUS’ heatwave to Egypt

Egypt weather forecast: UNSEASONABLE warm air brings ‘DANGEROUS’ heatwave to Egypt

The hot weather is bad news for those living in the regions, as the temperatures will brings with them a heightened risk of heat-related illnesses. Millions of citizens will be at risk as some parts will see temperatures as much as 15 degrees higher than the already warm climate they are used to. An activity as simple as going outside could prove deadly for many, who are at risk of contracting heat stroke and exhaustion, particularly during the month of Ramadan where Muslims engage in a 30 day fast. The majority of people will choose to stay indoors until the heat cools down around 6pm, with many local businesses doing the same.

When possible, any strenuous activity outdoors should be avoided during the hottest part of the day, usually midday to 5 or 6pm. The heat began to steadily increase across northeast Africa this week as temperatures soared way past 38C.

The heatwave will pass through Cairo in the latter part of the week, with temperatures peaking on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures of 40-43C are forecast for both days, which is 10C above temperatures the equatorial region is accustomed to.

Alexandria, on the country’s Northern coast, is usually cooler due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. However, the city will see a significant rise in temperatures and is expecting highs of 43C.

Cooler temperatures are due to relieve the city on Friday, much to Cairo’s dismay.

The heatwave is rapidly expected to expand into the Middle East, where a heatwave is forecasted on from Wednesday to Friday next week.

Syria, Israel and Jordan will all see temperatures in excess of 38 C, where 42 C is forecasted for Tel Aviv on Friday.

Even though temperatures are worse in neighbouring regions like Lebanon and Turkey, residents of Egypt are still at great risk of heat-related sickness.