FaceSwapper 1.2


Ever thought-about rising a beard however can’t resolve on the model? Augmented actuality to the rescue:
youmask Beards shall be your magic mirror, augmenting a digital beard to your actual face. With
a number of dozen beards of various model and size, youmask Beards is your good beard-growing

How outdated are you, actually? Or ought to we ask, how younger? Age-o-meter will do exactly that: have a look at you
by the telephone’s digicam and inform your age. As an added bonus, age-o-meter will attempt to guess
your gender. In truth, age-o-meter will inform everybody’s age and gender – and we imply, everybody
who’s trying on the digicam!

FaceSDK is a multi-platform library that allows Microsoft Visible C++, C#, Goal C, VB, Java and
Delphi builders to construct quite a lot of functions requiring quick and exact face recognition and

The science of fortune telling is delivered to perfection with BabyMaker. Simply put photos of you two
into BabyMaker, and see what your child will seem like in only a second.

Create animated transitions of 1 face into one other in simply minutes with this totally automated face
morphing program. It guesses primary spots robotically and makes life like animations saving you
effort and time.




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