Formula Calc+


1. This calculator could be calculated by inputting the system not like a standard calculator.
2. The variable can be utilized within the system. You need to use alphabet(a-z) and greek alphabet(α-ω) because the variable. If this perform is used, for instance the next equations might be created,

a*x*y + b*y + c*z + 10

you may carry out altering and re-calculating the worth of a variable later merely.

3. You possibly can edit system with shifting caret.
4. You possibly can create the easy graph(the division by zero is just not supported) through the use of the created system.
5. You possibly can ship the created system with mail.
6. You possibly can clear up simultaneous equation just like the followings,

case1:Clear up 1 unknown linear equation.
a*x = b

case2:Clear up 2 unknown linear equation.
a1*x + b1*y = c1
a2*x + b2*y = c2

case3:Clear up Three unknown linear equation.
a1*x + b1*y + c1*z =d1
a2*x + b2*y + c2*z =d2
a3*x + b3*y + c3*z =d3



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