Gaygarin In deep as’s’pace

Gaygarin In deep as's'pace

Gaygarin: In deep as’s’pace – a fun space platformer that tells of the astronaut’s adventures in the deep .. space? Yes exactly.
Having visited each of the 8 ( not sure ) planets, you need to collect the fallen stars and be able to return to your ship.
Yes, we know that the stars are really huge, just are far away. And we will have small stars.
Why did they fall? Well … Enough is spoiling our plot, just accept this, okay?
You will need all of your agility, ingenuity, strength and ability to press on arrows to pass all the tests.
Colorful landscapes of distant space, unknown planets and constellations are waiting for us, well, that is you, we have already played enough.
And look at our logo, so I did it almost an hour .. Honestly, why should I lie?
You think you would do better in an hour, oh, everything, write to us on the mail for communication and send a logo, or have already changed your mind?
So come on, pick up the stars and fly away from here .. Well, that is from where you will be playing.

– Colorful space landscapes
– The atmosphere of distant space, this is not the first point that I paraphrased, there is very .. Atmosphere .. Here ..
– Excellent soundtrack, our musician has surpassed himself .. According to him)
– Fascinating gameplay, stars, ships .. your child would be playing, but it’s all very difficult, I even could not get through the first location .. oh