Girl, 4, sent to hospital after eating marijuana chocolate bar


Halifax RCMP are investigating whether or not any prices must be laid after a four-year-old lady was sent to hospital by a marijuana edible.

Police started the investigation after the lady, who’s from East Petpeswick on Nova Scotia’s Japanese Shore, ate what she thought was an everyday chocolate bar Saturday.

“On Saturday afternoon, as we perceive it, a gentleman was having his children serving to him to clear out his car,” mentioned Cpl. Jennifer Clarke. 

“There have been three younger kids, the four-year-old being the youngest. And I perceive the four-year-old discovered what she thought was only a chocolate bar within the console of the car. She ate 15 squares of the chocolate bar. Now the chocolate bar turned out to be an edible marijuana product.”

The really useful dose of the edible was one sq. per day for an grownup.

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke is a spokesperson for the Nova Scotia RCMP. (CBC)

The lady was handled and launched from hospital. The RCMP mentioned the chocolate bar appeared to be commercially packaged, not home made. 

“We do know that some edibles do look very, very tempting and look lots like an everyday sweet or deal with that an individual would possibly see,” Clarke mentioned.

The RCMP are reminding those who leisure marijuana continues to be unlawful to possess and that even after legalization on Oct. 17, it should nonetheless be unlawful to promote edibles. Individuals who do possess edibles ought to hold them locked up away from kids.

Clarke mentioned it is tough to predict whether or not there shall be extra circumstances of kids unintentionally ingesting hashish following legalization. Some within the trade have mentioned they count on the demand for edibles will spike after Oct. 17.



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