Indonesia earthquake: Buildings evacuated in Australia after massive magnitude 7.5 quake

Indonesia earthquake: Buildings evacuated in Australia after massive magnitude 7.5 quake

The earthquake was felt in the northern Australian city of Darwin according to Nine News Darwin. Such was the strength of the earthquake that buildings were evacuated after the earthquake shortly after 12.00pm local time (3.30am BST). According to Nine News, office workers left their building after feeling the tremors although no alarm went off.

Geoscience Australia said the earthquake struck a depth of about 220km (136 miles) and has been felt as far as Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

There was no damage or any reported casualties from the tremors in the city.

Strong shaking caused alarm in the East Timor capital of Dili, prompting people to run out of their houses according to reports.

The 7.3 magnitude quake was also felt on Indonesia’s holiday island of

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Jonathan Bathgate, a seismologist at Geoscience Australia, said the 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred just before midday approximately 700km (436 miles) north of Darwin.

Mr Bathgate added: “It was certainly something that was felt quite strongly in the Darwin CBD area.”

Darwin resident Leah Potter told the Guardian Australia, “it felt like everything was rocking”.

Ms Potter added: “It felt like there were two.

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“First there was just a little one and my son came in wondering what was happening, then there was a pause and there was a really a big one and the place was rocking.

“We went outside and there were backpackers, I don’t know what country they were from, but they were holding on to the railing looking pretty scared.

“But yeah everything was rocking for a while.”

Indonesia suffered a series of earthquakes this morning with although the majority were only registered around magnitude five on the Richter scale.