MH370 shock: Pilot’s daughter’s chilling admission over fatal crash – ‘Disturbed and lost’

MH370 shock: Pilot’s daughter’s chilling admission over fatal crash - ‘Disturbed and lost’

There has been plenty of speculation over the tragic crash and captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s mental state was called into question by his daughter. Moreover, the pilot’s 53-year-old wife, Faizah Khanum Mustafa Khan said that he had become withdrawn and distracted in the weeks leading up to the crash. Mr Zaharaie’s daughter, Aishah Zaharie has spoken that during her final conversation with her Dad that she barely recognised him.

She added: “He wasn’t the father I knew.

“He seemed disturbed and lost in a world of his own.”

His daughter’s comments come as it has been revealed that she had broken down repeatedly during two interviews with the police a family source confirmed.

Following her daughter, Mr Zaharie’s wife confirmed that her husband had become incredibly “withdrawn”.

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She added: “He just retreated into a shell.

“I found him distant and difficult to understand.”

Although there have been reports that the pilot deliberately suffocated the passengers before flying for a period of time on his own, both his daughter and wife have defended Mr Zaharie.

Ms Zaharie insisted that it was “unfair to blame my husband”.

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Moreover, despite claims that Mr Zaharie that his marriage was damaged at the time, his daughter has spoken of how he would not deliberately endanger the lives of the passengers.

She told investigators at the time: “I don’t believe he would ever intentionally endanger the lives of his crew and passengers.”

Recently, a report in the US magazine, The Atlantic that the pilot tried to simulate the crash in the preceding weeks.

Dr Victor Iannello admitted: “It’s as if he was simulating a simulation.”