Naked bike ride through Edmonton raises eyebrows, draws protests

Naked bike ride through Edmonton raises eyebrows, draws protests

A nude bike ride through Edmonton’s streets raised eyebrows and drew protesters on Saturday afternoon. 

The ride was part of World Naked Bike Ride Day, an event that promotes safe cycling and body positivity. 

“These rides … are the only time you really know you’ll get back in one piece because of the visibility,” said rider Paul Gagnon. 

But the spectacle of dozens of cyclists in the nude was met by a vocal protest objecting to the display. 

“What is going on? Where is the law? Where is the order?” said protester Peter Downing. “Where is the public decency?” 

Protesters rallied at the ride’s start point and held signs warning those ahead of the nudity to come. 

“Stop messing with kids,” said Downing. “They’re not adults and they don’t need to see your body.” 

To Downing’s dismay, police were on hand for parts of the ride, but didn’t ask anyone to cover up. 

“Under the auspices of a protest, they’re allowed to have freedom of expression under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” said Staff Sgt. Frank Page. 

Riders said they got their message across despite the disruptions. 

“It would be great if today educated them as well,” said cyclist John Considine.  

“They could see no harm was done by a few naked cyclists in town.”