On the Fly—The Sales Advantage

On the Fly—The Sales Advantage

The DISC behavioral profile has been utilized by thousands of companies around the world to help sales professionals improve their skills and build stronger relationships with prospects and customers. Typically taught in training sessions, this app enables you to practice your people-reading skills on the fly, provides insights on understanding the needs and habits of your prospects, (based upon your reading of their style), and provides a wide range of tips and suggestions on how to adjust your behavior to better build productive relationships.

On The Fly contains two DISC profiles:
– A self-profile, which reveals your sales strengths challenges
– A prospect profile, which enables you to better understand the expectations and habits of a prospective customer so that you lean your behavior in their direction and build a healthy relationship

On the Fly enables you to
– Store as many prospect profiles as you like
– Record notes on each prospect in the notes section
– Retake both your own profile and a prospect’s profile
– Practice the art and science of reading people’s behavioral styles through the eight-question prospect profile