Ontario to overhaul laws around combat sports like mixed martial arts, aims to attract more fights


    Combat sport laws in Ontario are set to be overhauled in what the government says is an effort to draw more high-profile events to the province and bolster athlete safety.Michael Tibollo, minister of tourism, culture and sport, said the government plans to replace legislation that governs sports like boxing, mixed martial arts and kickboxing to allow for the development of regulations that are in line with evolving international standards.Story continues below

    The current legislation is outdated, has deterred major combat sport promoters from holding more events in Ontario, and means the international sports are fought under different rules in the province, Tibollo said.READ MORE: Canadian fighters look to make their mark as UFC touches down in Ottawa“(The change) will allow us to bring to Ontario the things that a lot of people are interested in and either have to go to Vegas or to another jurisdiction to see,” he said. “I think we can capture some of that money we’re losing and keep it in the province.”Tibollo said current combat sports rules are enshrined in legislation, making it hard to update them to reflect changes aimed at protecting participants based on the best available medical science.The government has acknowledged that its rules around things like hand-wrappings standards in boxing, the timing of fighter weigh-ins for mixed martial arts competitions, and even the required pant lengths for kickboxers need to be changed to reflect modern competitive standards.WATCH BELOW: Joyce Vieira beats up man who exposed himself to her Ontario to overhaul laws around combat sports like mixed martial arts, aims to attract more fightshttps://globalnews.ca/news/5268478/ontario-combat-sport-rule-review/