Russia ready for WAR with US over Venezuela as regional tensions SOAR to new heights

Russia ready for WAR with US over Venezuela as regional tensions SOAR to new heights

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was commenting after US Southern Command chief Navy Admiral Craig Faller said the services were “on the balls of our feet” and ready to take action. Tensions between Russia and the US have intensified over recent weeks, with both countries backing different leaders. Russia, along with China and Iran, support Venezuela’s current leader Nicolas Maduro.

However, the US – and more than 50 other nations – see his rival Juan Guaido as the country’s real president.

According to Newsweek, Ms Zakharavo responded to Mr Faller’s comments by claiming it “reaffirms our fears that US military action in Venezuela is not an abstraction, but a possible reality that is admitted in Washington”.

She added: “Another pseudo-reason for getting ready for a military invasion is the need to contain Russian influence in Venezuela.

“Once again I would like to repeat: all Russian actions on Venezuelan territory are consistent with the legal government of the Bolivarian Republic.

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“Apparently, the US military is really considering the possibility of repeating this sad experience—to start bombing civilian structures and people, who are guilty only of supporting the legitimate president of their country that does not like Washington.”

Reports suggest that Russia has sent around 100 military personnel to Venezuela tasked with fulfilling “technical cooperation”.

Russia also claims that after Venezuela, the US would likely target Latin American countries such as Cuba and Nicaragua.

The allegations come after Venezuela’s deputy leader said the US, Colombia and Brazil were working together to topple Maduro.

Last weekend, Maduro ordered that one million more people should join the civilian army in support of his government.

But Delcy Rodriguez, Venezuela vice president, staunchly condemned the US.

In a tweet she said that the “international community and its multilateral legal bodies must know that a criminal plan is underway to attack Venezuela militarily”.

She wrote that the US had shown a “pathetic show of recognition” for Maduro’s rival Juan Guaido.

The country has been struck by numerous issues, with many citizens left without water, enduring week-long blackouts and starved of food.