Shieldu – Network Firewall

Shieldu - Network Firewall

Are you concerned about online privacy, and what information some apps might be collecting and sending back home? Do you want to restrict Internet access for some pre-installed vendor apps that can’t be disabled in your device settings?

Network access is a core permission in android that can’t be revoked by the user. This allows for all kinds of malware, analytics, and other forms of data collection and tracking by your installed apps to occur, of which you have very little control over.

Shieldu is an easy-to-use background service that aims to “shield you” against common threats and malware that are an ever-present reality in our modern, connected lives. Any user-installed or pre-installed application or service on your device can be individually denied access to your Internet connection. Shieldu intercepts and discards network packets on both WiFi and Mobile connections for only the apps that you choose, ensuring their data never leaves your device.

Key Features
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Shows only apps with Internet permission
• Can block both user-installed and system apps
• Can auto-start in the background after device reboot
• Blocks both IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols
• Does not connect to any remote servers
• Has no tracking or analytics features
• Delivers no advertising or other payloads
• Requires no suspicious permissions
• Does not require root access

Important Notes
1. Shieldu is NOT an ad blocker. Advertisements and push notifications are generally delivered to individual applications through Google Play Services and other platform or third-party framework components.

2. Shieldu utilizes the local VPN interface on your android device to intercept and drop network packets. As android only allows one application to use the VPN service at any time, Shieldu is not able to operate concurrently with another app that also requires access to the local VPN interface.

3. Some Android devices restrict tethering and VPN services working concurrently. You may need to turn off active shielding in Shieldu while using your device as a mobile hotspot.