Video of Post Malone Messing with World’s Most Haunted Object, Signs of a Curse


Post Malone Messing with Evil Spirit on Video!!! Now Cursed Airplane & Automobile Make Sense

9/16/2018 1:00 AM PDT


Post Malone oughta know — if ya dance with the satan, you are gonna get cursed, and this tremendous creepy video explains why his life appears like “Remaining Vacation spot recently. 

Months earlier than Post’s personal jet practically crashed, his Rolls-Royce acquired totaled and armed crooks focused him … the rapper was hanging with “Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans and one thing generally known as the world’s most haunted object. What might go unsuitable, proper?

Zak tells us the shut encounter went down in June at his Haunted Museum. The thing is named the dybbuk field. Dybbuk is Yiddish for “malicious spirit” and the field impressed the horror flick, “The Possession.” Sooo … completely cool.

After downing some beers, Zak says he took off the protecting case and for the primary time ever, felt compelled to the touch it. He says Post was freaked out — you possibly can see it within the video — and did NOT need any half of the field.

He in all probability positively shoulda stayed out the freakin’ room, however did not … and when Zak touched the field, Post touched Zak’s shoulder. Bagans says that is sufficient to set off a curse, and it explains why Post screamed and pulled Zak out of the room. White folks …

Anyway, Zak believes it is completely what’s behind Post’s string of death-defying incidents — the emergency touchdown, the scary automobile crash and the house invasion.

Post informed us he thinks God would possibly hate him, however our recommendation is to put off the dybbuk, bro.

Or, rent an exorcist. Once more, what might go unsuitable?



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