Vile, Disgusting, Shocking Dolphin Kill in Denmark


Denmark Dolphin Kill Shocking, Disgusting, Barbaric

9/16/2018 7:53 AM PDT

That is disgusting, disturbing, heartless, shameful and shockingly merciless.

The seas of Denmark are blood pink for a motive … the pink is the blood of 200 dolphins that have been slaughtered by locals in the Faroe Islands.  

It is a part of an historic Norse custom … plunging steel hooks into the blowholes of dolphins earlier than severing their spines. In case you did not know … these are extremely smart animals that categorical emotion and really feel ache.

The custom goes again to the 13th Century. There’s actually no motive to clarify additional. It is a barbaric observe that has no function aside from to indicate human beings can generally be the cruelest dwelling issues on planet Earth.



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